chingay (19-20.02.16)

hola it’s been a tiring few days @ chingay!!!!!!! so tired now and the costume is so burden HAHA 😨 but it’s was a really enjoyable parade 1 last night! despite the heavy downpour, we pressed on and succeeded! so proud of all of us yey 🙂 now it’s time for parade 2, lets do this!!! so many practices so much  time so much effort, let’s not let it go to waste!❤️ 

ciao hehu

eening xx

be positive!!

recently, some people told me that they did not like how i looked wearing a certain pair of shorts? like i think they thought it was too revealing even though wtf show what? it’s totally decent and it’s not like i’m flashing anybody!! at first i was kind of affected, but then again, my clothes. my legs. my ass. my decisions. if i feel good about myself when i wear that pair of shorts, i will wear it and it’s NOT your place to tell me that i look shitty wearing it. moral of the story: my decisions to make are mine, not yours, and sometimes, other’s opinions can be irrelevant. be yourself 🙂 

peace out yo!1!1!


woah common tests are approaching!!! sounds live feels live is on the 3rd of march, and it’s also the first day of cts!! apparently day 2 is geography and emath papers so hurray i only have one paper!!!( i don’t take geography lol) 

need!! to!!! start!!!! revising!!!!! to all who are having upcoming tests, press on! you can do this 💖 

that’s all for now!! xx


on a side note, i’m obsessed with so many songs now gosh!1!!1!1!1!!

1. hey mama-david guerra 

2. on my mind-ellie goulding  

3.november rain- guns n roses

4. close as strangers- 5sos

5. tomorrow never dies- 5sos

have a great day!! 


i’m so tired of everything going on now, so tired of having to live up to people’s high expectations. sorry for not being good enough, sorry for not being what you wanted.

more and more class tests recently and coming up. i haven’t had one test this year that i am confident of. i feel so lousy now?!?! like i bombed every test so far, and everything i’m studying is not going in. help!!!!!  

 but press on!!! if you want to give up, just remember everyone else who is working alongside you and that you can do it!

big hugs from me to you 🙂

a small intro

hello! if you’re reading this then you are probably from my instagram then! but anyway, i’m eening, turning 15, and kinda weird. i have this really insane class (304), where i enjoy myself very much every weekday! (if anyone from 304 sees this, you rock!) and I also have this group of really amazing friends who brighten up my life! we do stupid shit together, get in trouble together, submit homework late together, eat together. there isn’t a time where we aren’t attached, really. (really thankful for such supportive beans who are so damn pretty and lower my self-esteem)

i listen to alot of music and I really love 5sos like whee!1!1!1! (SLFL 2016 anybody ?!?!?!) hehu i’m always overexcited! i listen to classical music occasionally and i am a big fan of ballads!

even though i seem like super high and cheerful most of the time, it’s probably faked. like people think that my life is damn happy with my clique who always stands by me, but it’s not true at all. i get insecure too, like I feel fat a lot, I feel ugly a lot too. sometimes, i hate it when people say that i’m very flexible or that i’m a good dancer because it gives me the impression that they are comparing themselves to some other person? like i know what it feels like to not be good enough and just want to be better, and it’s not a good feeling. if you are reading this and feel this way then remember: you’re absolutely beautiful, you’re enough, and don’t let anybody’s words bring you down from up there, where you should be.

that’s all, anymore and this post won’t ever end.


eening 🙂