hehe long time no write oops ( I’ve been pretty busy lately) !!! anyway, common tests have ended hm about 2 weeks ago? and tbh I’m really disappointed w myself bc my grades were a hell lot worse than I expected, I had studied rlly hard for them and yet I failed 2 subs 😞 but anyway exco noms for sec 3s are rapidly approaching so good luck to anyone who is running!

as for my class, i feel that we are a lot closer and more bonded after the common tests and the camp at the start of the year!!! although we are super chatty and not punctual in HW submissions, I really really really really really really like you ❤️ but mye is coming up in about 5 weeks time? so hell yeah, game on this time must improve!!!!

nothing else to say so hehe ily and thanks for standing my bs🙂

lots of love and happiness,

eening (thirstyning)


sounds live feels live 2016


hello again, it’s been a while! as you can tell by the title, it’s about the concert omg im so damn happy!!!!!!

the performance: sounds live feels live @ the star performing arts centre (buona vista)

time: 8.00 pm , 3 march 2016

ticket i purchased: category 4 but later shifted to category 3

back to the point, it was an incredible night and im currently suffering from severe pcd. i cried so hard for beside you, amnesia and voodoo doll, these song were and still are one of my favourites. although the tickets were extremely out of budget, my mum still got them for me ( thanks mummy for $192 dollars) my friends and i later shifted to cat 3 which is further in front and actually costs $232 but no one was there so oops hahaha!!! some hey violet songs were played and the boys teased us alot like there would be random guitar strums and drumbeats pre-concert ( thanks boys i love you)(no but really i do)

within the approximate 1.5 hours, many songs were played. they were from fetus albums and sgfg. but WHY DIDNT THEY PLAY WHEREVER YOU ARE AND UNPREDICTABLE WHY 5SOS WHY!!!!!!??????

before the concert, our group went to the fountain to help out and get our stuff for the show with the 5sossgfam ( y’all my bbys) and also helped to distribute to people!!!! it honestly felt like we were doing some via activity bc we had to approach strangers to ask them for their sections. i think i finally grew a set of balls from this experience!!!!!! i guess sometimes i AM too judgmental, bc everyone who i thought was scary were actually really sweet and nice ❣

now for the saddest part: concert merchandise. since this was my first concert, i had no idea how expensive the stuff would be. ketchup, the freaking small dog plush was $70. the shirts were $50 and $60. fabric and silicon wristbands were $10 each. keyrings were also $10. URGH WHY ??????? since my dad didn’t allow me to buy, i secretly used my own money to buy a keyring and wristband fml.

but regardless, it was an incredible night and i will remember it for the rest of my life. and thankyou to 5sos sgfam for giving me the opportunity to help you guys! it was a pleasure to be with you guys!!!

much love to: my group ( pheebs, cher, rayen), 5sossgfam, mummy and daddy, luke robert hemmings, calum thomas hood, michael gordon clifford, and ashton fletcher irwin. you guys made this an experience to remember.

030316, an incredible night.


gossip girl (jk its eening)